Amanda + Daniel’s New River Gorge Adventure Engagement

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’m so in love with this adventure engagement session! Your pull backs are gorgeous!!

  2. Isabella says:

    OMG so lucky to have an adventurous couple like them to photograph and tag along with. That last photo you took is amazing!

    • Kara Ardron says:

      Thank you! Hiking and being adventurous is a big part of my brand so most of my couples are up for some adventure themselves!

  3. EJ Dilley says:

    Love that they got in the water! Gorgeous adventure engagement session!

  4. What a beautiful New River Gorge Engagement session. That last picture is just pure magic!

    • Kara Ardron says:

      Thank you! I’d been researching rainy engagement photos before their shoot and had this shot in my mind as we were hiking out!

  5. Jamie says:

    Love this location- I go there every year for bridge day! New River Gorge has so much to offer, love how you captured it and them. Pure mountain magic!

    • Kara Ardron says:

      Ironically, even though I’ve lived in West Virginia for three years, I’ve never been to bridge day! I always have something else scheduled – a session or wedding and haven’t been able to go!

  6. Such a fun and adventurous engagement session! Loving all the pics in the water the most, so unique.

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